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SUSD Member, Barbara Perlberg - Position on the Override & Bond

Our previous Capital Override expired last year and I supported responsible fiscal planning that stretched those dollars through this fiscal year.  The Capital Override is critical funding I support that protects classroom dollars and pays for technology, curriculum, fine arts and library materials, athletic and playground equipment, and a variety of other capital expenses.  

For all the "hard facts" and dollar amounts on the Override, and the Bond as well, please check out our District's information page: https://concrete.susd.org/files/7314/6981/7972/Elections.pdf . 

Regarding the Bond decision, I cannot ignore our District's declining enrollment and the costs of maintaining extra space, but I also cannot ignore so many of our schools in dire need of safety updates and long-overdue maintenance.  We also have a few schools over 50 years old that have strong enrollment, solid academic achievement and are unquestionably in need of a rebuild.

Under the leadership of our new Superintendent, Dr. Birdwell, we are asking voters to approve a bond with a "maximum amount.”  I support Dr. Birdwell’s recommendation that the possible sale of each bond be divided over a six-year period in approximately $40 million increments.  That allows our Board - and thus our community - to define priorities year by year and justify each bond sale.  If there is no justification to sell a bond - we don't do it. 

This approach provides the flexibility over the next 7-10 years to respond to our changing competitive environment.  Dr. Birdwell is laser-focused on driving academic achievement in SUSD.  I am optimistic that her sense of urgency will drive quick results in both academics and enrollment.  However, it’s impossible to predict how quickly SUSD will see the benefits of these efforts.  Therefore, I understand that consolidation may be an unavoidable part of a long-term fiscally sound solution.  

I'm grateful that we have new leadership ready to get to work with honesty and transparency.  I hope to be re-elected to the Board Nov. 8th so that I may continue to be our community's voice and push our momentum forward.

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