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Scottsdale City Council

Scottsdale.jpgDoug Reed is TPS Liaison with the Scottsdale City Council.  He monitors their bi-monthly meetings on the internet and in the Arizona Republic.

February 14, 2014

Scottsdale City Council Notes

General fund budget is due March 18th for July 1, 2014-2015 and Council unanimous-no sales or property tax increases

Total about 

$231 mil, revenues up $6mil due to increases in sales tax, primarily construction and auto.

To balance, city needs to cut about $3mil. Already identified cuts-$600k by eliminating unspecified city positions and $400k  to close Palomino library to public (remain open to Desert Mountain HS students)

For remaining $2mil of cuts, possibilities are to use fewer outside contractors, cut vehicle fleet (currently 1000 vehicles), sell 3 underutilized buildings

Mayor Lane-Don’t make cuts that that will cause costs to rise later

Councilwoman Klapp-cutting vehicle fleet is a good idea

Vice Mayor Korte-Look into reducing library and senior center hours, and cancelling Mud Mania.

Councilman Littlefield-There is $4-5mil budget for the Cultural Council which seems to be a untouchable. Library and senior centers are more important

Councilwoman Millhaven-If a position is unfilled 90 days, eliminate it.

Councilman Littlefield is termed out, Kathy Littlefield and 4 others running, along with Milhaven & Robbins (for reelection)

Arizona State Retirement System

Funded at 76%, rated Aa3 by Moodys (third rating from top, bottom rung of “highest category)


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