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Response from Board Member, Bonnie Sneed

Dear Ms. Shaler,

Thank you for contacting the SUSD Governing Board with your suggestions and concerns. I am pleased to see - and I hope you have followed our progress - that many of the items you suggest have been implemented in the last seven years in the Scottsdale Schools. Despite drastic cuts, Scottsdale Unified School District has reduced its administrative staff and the resulting rate to less than 9.5% (including district, school Principals, Assistant Principals, and school site staff), while improving accountability and keeping up with markedly increased government regulation. Those central administrators who remain are constantly in the schools, working with the teachers, while offering the efficiency of a central office and sparing each school site the cost of hiring separate individuals to comply with administrative regulatory requirements. Many of these regulations cannot be completed by classroom teachers. The remaining central administrators provide efficiency and ensure compliance, so that the teachers can focus on the students and do what they do best.

With the addition of 15% local support last year, we reduced class sizes, increased teacher pay, and increased fine arts offerings. We have also been able to maintain, implement, and improve student programs. We wish it could be more! The State Legislature recently reduced or eliminated budget line items, such as Career Ladder funding, that used to go directly to excelling teacher paychecks. Also, the State Legislature cut funding for building repairs and textbooks by 75%, so we have had to find ways to pay for those necessary expenses. Our administrators and departments have creatively been able to protect the students and teachers from the negative effects of the recession and continued state cuts over the last seven years.

One point rarely clarified: Arizona spends the fewest number of dollars per student on administration of ALL fifty states. Even Hawaii, with it's single-district, spends more than Arizona on administration. Scottsdale Unified School District spends even less than the Arizona state average. We are truly a national model for public school efficiency, while also offering superior opportunities and results for the children in our community.

We hope that the boost that may finally come from the voter-approved Inflation Funding Lawsuit settlement will help us do even more to make a difference in the education of each and every student and retain the very best teachers.

Sincerely, Bonnie Sneed

Scottsdale Unified School District Governing Board President

3811 N. 44th St.

Phoenix, AZ 85018

Visit the Scottsdale Unified School District website at www.susd.org<http://susd.schoolfusion.us/>

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