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Our mission is to attract, educate, organize, and mobilize our fellow citizens to secure public policy consistent with our three core values: Personal Freedom, Economic Freedom and a Debt-Free Future



Tea Party Patriots National


Personal Freedom, Economic Freedom and a Debt-Free Future. 

President Bill Doyle is TPS Liaison with the National Tea Party Patriots.  He has met with Jenny Beth, Bill Norton and several other leaders in Hawaii, Denver and Washington D.C.

Recently, he attended the 5 Year Anniversary of The Tea Party Patriots in Washington D.C.  Here's a brief recap of the events which TPP hosted: Thursday-- 5th Anniversary Celebration with speakers: Congressmen Jim Jordon and

 Michelle Bachmann and Senators Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz.  At the Dinner that evening, David Webb was the MC and Senator Jeff Sessions (last minute fill-in for Sean Hannity who had a family emergency and had to cancel).  It was really inspiring and uplifting to hear that we are truly winning the battle and restoring the country.


Friday and Saturday were group sessions and workshops designed to help all of us do a better job of communicating our message and getting out the vote for our candidates.  Also, TPP is augmenting the Core Values with new overriding Core Principles: "We envision a nation where personal freedom is cherished and where all Americans are treated equally, assuring our ability to pursue the American Dream."  This is accomplished through Personal Freedom, Economic Freedom and a Debt-Free Future.  New Theme: Tea Party Patriots stands for every American, and is home to millions who have already come together to pursue the American Dream and to keep it alive for their children and grandchildren." 

 I'll be prepared to cover the details and specifics at the General Meeting and have several handouts of information we can add to the website for educational/recruitment purposes.  I met lots of other great Americans from all over the country who are just like us--willing to do what it takes to restore America.  Glad to be back, all the best, see you soon,

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