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Bill Doyle's Review of the Movie The Giver

The_Giver.jpgGood evening, all--Marty and I saw "The Giver" earlier this afternoon; very good movie.  If you've read Glenn Beck's "Agenda 21," you'll have a good idea of the sense of the film.  Yes, the novel from which it was adapted was written for teens through young adults, but don't let that prevent you from seeing it, we were glad we did.
There were approximately 50 persons in the theatre--almost all at least 50 years old--but a few teens, as well.
The setting is some future utopia?/dystopia? where the "elders" know what's best for all and dictate what's allowed and what's not.  All are happy, healthy and their every need is anticipated and fulfilled.  No wars, no sickness no hatred and no feeling--not a pretty picture and a frightening proposition, as well.  Jeff Bridges is "The Giver," the only one in the "Community" in possession of "memory" and with whom the young protagonist ("The Receiver") interacts and for the very first time experiences "feelings."  He starts to gain knowledge, see colors, begins to know love and so much more.  His knowledge is what establishes the unpredictability of the future and what provides the story with its energy and tension; I won't spoil the ending for you with any other revelations.
Sitting next to us were three teen-aged girls who, after the film's end, were getting up to walk out when Marty asked them if they had read the book and what they thought.  They had, didn't like it and wondered if the film would be different--it wasn't.  They were disappointed, to which Marty advised:  "it's up to you and your generation to prevent it from happening."  They giggled and left the theatre, and we were left wondering if they would truly heed the message.  Those of us with "memory" still have lots of work ahead of us helping those with none to truly know and understand what makes America--with all its imperfections--the greatest country in the history of mankind.
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