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Trevor Louden's Remarks to TPS, February 20, 2014

T_louden.jpgReported by David Paine, Communications Director

Introduction by Brad Zinn: Brad introduced Mr. Loudon by noting that Trevor was the first investigator to reveal Barack Obama's early and formative mentorship in Hawaii under Frank Marshall, a notorious Communist with an extensive FBI file. Trevor Loudon writes the New Zeal blog at website is www.trevorloudon.com; his most recent book is The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists, and Progressives in the US Congress.
Brad is a part-time activist, part-time actor who came to know the Australian political scientist and conservative Dr. Fred Schwartz in the 1970's. This connection helped him become friends with New Zealand's Trevor Louden in recent years, with Brad assisting Trevor in his current US book tour. Brad will be producing and starring in his show “The Great Comedians” at Sunbird Golf Resort in Chandler, on March 29th.

Trevor Loudon's Address:

Mr. Loudon opened by stating Arizona is his favorite state because

 we exemplify what is best about America – we love our liberty. He is grateful to America because we saved Australia and New Zealand from Japanese occupation during in World War II, and he values us because we are truly the last, best hope of world freedom; if we collapse, our enemies will soon carve the world up into spheres of influence, largely under Russian and Chinese control.

In case we doubt Chinese intentions, consider how in a recent visit by Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott to China, a Chinese general publicly humiliated him, declaring Australia needs a “godfather” and it would be wise to pick China over the U.S. Also China is rapidly modernizing and increasing its missile and naval forces. Japan is now re-arming since it sees how unreliable an ally America has become under Barack Obama. And with the White House sending constant signals of weak support, Israel's back is firmly against the wall, and they may take desperate measures to defend against a nuclear Iran.

More recently, our hesitance to help friends in the nation of Georgia and now in Ukraine, have caused hardship and increased the danger of war. Obama's weakness – resulting from abandoning the policy of peace through strength followed by all administrations going back to Ronald Reagan (even including Bill Clinton) – now forces nearly our allies to ask what they gain from us.

In the 21st century, we believe communism is no longer a threat. However, communists once succeeded using two secrets:

  • The Devil can convince us he doesn't exist

  • The ability of a small cadre of radicals to control a larger organization.

Indeed, the second secret defines Leninism, as only a few hundred Bolsheviks co-opted the Russian Revolution from reform to totalitarianism.

Now, in the United States and most of the West, communists are using labor unions to achieve their new goal of national takeover. We should remember that up until 1995, the unions had no communist leaders, and George Meany of the AFL-CIO was an ardent anti-communist. But that year John Sweeney took over and abolished the anti-communist clause in the union's charter; AFL-CIO is now run by the radical Richard Trumka.

The Democrat party is primarily funded by labor unions, hence the labor and related policies they pursue come from socialists in the labor unions. The recent “nuclear” option taken by Harry Reid in the U.S. Senate, whereby only a simple majority is now needed to confirm most presidential appointments, had a clear line of influence going back to union socialists.

In his term as president, Obama has pushed socialism through two main initiatives: Obamacare and immigration reform. Obamacare has put America on the path to socialized, single payer health care, as in most of Europe and the U.K. While its proponents tell us how “fair” it is, Obamacare will have and is already impacting the quality of care. This is only logical; whenever government has to pay the bill for a potentially infinite set of needs, it will cut back on the level of care provided, as is obvious in the British National Health System. We worry about the 19-member health management panel becoming a virtual death panel, but the clearer outcome is that with every hospital worrying about its budget, they will now form their own death panels. Health care will be rationed and subject to triage in ways we have never seen before.

This socialist health care future should come as no surprise. Obamacare was designed by Dr. Quentin Young of chicago, a 40-year veteran of the communist party, and Obama's personal physician for many years. Dr. Young, a radical who visited and cared for North Vietnamese troops during the Vietnam War, also helped design the Massachusetts health care system, which bears Mitt Romney's name in spite of Romney's attempts to water down its most socialized features.

The second mechanism of socialist takeover, using the Democrats as cover, is what they call immigration reform. Again, it purports to provide fairness and compassion for Hispanics in the United States, however its underlying purpose is to create 8 million or more new Democrat voters. Big business supports immigration reform, because it wants cheap labor, so you would think big labor is opposed.

But the Hard Left are the real drivers here. Communist infiltration of immigration reform began with Bert Corona in the 1960's when he established support networks for illegals in california. Their goals were to get people across the border from Mexico, and into the voting booths. Corona trained hundreds of disciples, the most prominent being Antonio Villairosa, who as mayor turned Los Angeles into a sanctuary city for illegals. Another is Maria Elena Doratio, head of the California CIO, who has helped transform voting patterns across the entire state. In Arizona we have Lorenzo Torez, a communist from Tucson, who has established networks for illegals here and assisted in campaigns for Kirsten Sinema and other socialists.

The major legislative push for illegals has been the innocuous-sounding Dream Act which fortunately failed in Congress two years ago. Corona's protege Gil Sedillo and Eliso Medina, both members of Democratic Socialists of America, led that movement behind the scenes. In particular, Medina changed union opinion of immigration reform by openly declaring in a speech in 2000 its purpose to bring millions of Democrat voters – which, given the unions' traditional goal of higher pay for laborers, was a clear case of the ends justifying the means.

So how do we have this situation, where members of socialist and communist organizations are controlling so many Democrats and pushing legislation in Congress? Part of the problem is that, unlike most government jobs where your background is thoroughly investigated, members of Congress and other elected positions – including the president – are supposed to be vetted by the public and an honest media.

Obviously, this is not happening. As a result, we have long-term members of Democratic Socialists of America or the communist party like John Conyers, Nancy Pelosi, and 120 other members of the House and 20 members of the Senate, people who would never pass a federal background investigation. Along with Obama's big programs, they push federal control over talk radio, higher regulation in industry, cap-and-trade taxes, and a myriad of other causes. Recently they are demanding liberalized travel to Cuba, another “humanitarian” gesture that would allow Cuban spies to live and organize among us.

The last six years have brought almost nothing but trouble to patriotic Americans. But we can fight back, as we've already proven. In 2010 the Tea Party movement stopped the socialists in their tracks, bringing the House back under Republican control, with huge GOP gains in state-houses across the country. This helped us stop cap-and-trade, green job giveaways, the Dream Act, and to change public opinion about Obamacare. As Trevor tells us, we may not see it but it's clear from the outside, the Tea Party is the future of the Republican party..

Because we ARE strong, our enemies are afraid of us and use the media against us. Yet we must be careful in proceeding; we must win with character, not at any cost. We should remember how the GOP disliked Reagan in the 1976 presidential campaign, and how bad a candidate Gerald Ford turned out to be. Reagan came back in 1980, got the people's attention, and turned the nation back on its proper course. It was a time when the grass-roots retaliated, and won.

We worry about our challenge attracting young voters. Did this seem like a problem for Representative Ron Paul of Texas? Rep. Paul is anti-abortion, a bad public speaker, often cranky, but young voters flocked to him because of his authenticity. We forget that Reagan also had much of the same effect. We must win with people of the same character; and we must attract every single element of our potential base. A dream ticket for the Republican party would be Senator Ted Cruz for president, former Rep. Alan West for VP, Rand Paul for Treasury, Sarah Palin for Energy, Mark Levin for Attorney General, Scott Walker for State, Dr. Ben Carson for HHS, Herman Cain for Labor, and David Barton to dismantle Department of Education.

We have two and a half years to save America. It is time for a peaceful, second American Revolution. Before we feel discouraged, we should remember the soldiers freezing, hungry, and unpaid, for months at Valley Forge; did they have any idea of the nation they were saving? It is now our time to take a stand, for their sacrifice and our children's future.

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