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Tea Party Scottsdale Taxed Enough Already

Alex Meluskey for U.S. Senate

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March 19 General Meeting

Dr_Carl_Goldberg.jpegDr. Carl Goldberg was our Special Guest Speaker on "The Ideology of Islam:  "WHAT NON-MOSLEMS NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ISLAM, AND WHY" 

He answered these questions for me:

     1.  Why are the "peaceful" Moslems not speaking and acting out against the violence & atrocities?

     2.  Why we are failing, and will always fail, in bringing democracy, or Nation Building, to the Islamic countries?

     3.   Why do we have to be at war against Islam?

     4.   Why must we do everything we must to prevent Iran, & any Islamic leader, from having any nuclear weaponry?

We all know about violent religious bigotry, hatred, virulent anti-Semitism, persecution of Christians, abuse of women, honor killings, mass murder and the most vicious, sadistic cruelty -- all coming out of the world of Islam and perpetrated by religious Moslems in the name of Islam.  The doctrines of Islam tell us why this is happening.

Dr. Goldberg quoted directly from the Koran/Qua'ran, writings of Mohammed & Islamic Religious Authorities.

First, Islam is an Ideology, not a religion.  Moslems come in all degrees of adherence to Islamic Doctrines from violent to only casually, or non, practicing Moslems - but they all believe in the dictates of the Koran.  There is both violent Jihad, that we see on the news, and stealth Jihad, The Moslem Brotherhood, CAIR, etc.  Their goal is the same - to eradicate or to convert all non-Moslems and to establish the Caliphate or Ummah worldwide.  That means us.

The full video of Dr Goldberg's presentation will be posted here soon.



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Chick-fil-A gives free food to motorists stranded in Southern snowstorm

chick-fila2.jpgTodd Starnes, American Dispatch January 29, 2015

A snowstorm in the South is about as rare as a glass of unsweetened tea at a church supper. Folks around Birmingham, Ala. weren’t all that worried though. The storm was only supposed to dust the city – not even enough powder for a Southern snowman.

So when the first snowflakes began to fall, no one paid all that much attention. But then, the flakes kept falling. Before too long folks in places like Hoover and Inverness realized it was much more than a dusting. By that point, it was too late for anyone to do anything.

Icy interstates and highways soon became clogged with cars and trucks. Thousands of motorists soon found themselves stranded with nowhere to go – including many stuck on Highway 280.

Chick-fil-A had a captive crowd of hungry customers. So why did they give away their food?

But a good number of those stranded motorists were able to find shelter in the storm thanks to the kindness and generosity of Chick-fil-A restaurant employees 

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When Liberals Blew It

Nicholas Kristof, NYT, March 11, 2015

Fifty years ago this month, Democrats made a historic mistake.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan, at the time a federal official, wrote a famous report in March 1965 on family breakdown among African-Americans. He argued presciently and powerfully that the rise of single-parent households would make poverty more intractable.

“The fundamental problem,” Moynihan wrote, is family breakdown. 

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City of Scottsdale - Bond Issue & Taxes, by Bob Littlefield

Bob_Littlefield.jpgIt’s that time of year again, tax time! I don’t mean when we prepare our income tax returns, although it is that. I mean it is the time of year in Arizona when state and local governments prepare their budgets and look for ways to increase your taxes. Because I was on the Scottsdale City Council for 12+ years I am going to focus on the current tax issues facing Scottsdale city government.

I believe that most Arizonans are willing to pay their fair share of taxes to fund critical government services. But they don’t want their tax dollars wasted on special interest handouts, and they don’t want to fund government functions that are not necessary. And, of course, they want what government functions they do fund conducted as efficiently as possible.

In Scottsdale we have problems in all three of these areas. The defeated 2013 bond packages contained projects for flood control to benefit developers and a parking garage to benefit bar owners. We give $4.5M/year of your tax dollars to 

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TPS General Meeting, Thursday, February 19, Support the 2nd Amendment!

Alan_Korwin.jpgFighting for the 2nd AmendmentAlan Korwin was our featured speaker on Arizona Gun Laws, for our February meeting.

Alan answers the question - are you pro gun? or pro Freedom?

and, then, why do I "need" to own an AR-15 (gun)

Watch and hear his entire presentation here.

Alan owns Bloomfield Press and gunlaws.com , the largest publisher and distributor of gun-law books in America, nationally recognized as an expert resource in this narrowly focused niche.

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Alex Meluskey to Seek U.S. Senate Seat in Arizona

Scottsdale, AZ – Alex Meluskey today announced he will be running for United States Senate in 2016.

“I am running for the United Sates Senate here in Arizona because as a citizen I am gravely concerned with the lack of direction, lack of principles and lack of citizen representation in our country.  I am in a unique position which enables me to shift my business interests into the hands of others focusing my energies on giving others like me a voice I feel we do not have.  I see too few leaders in Washington standing up for the people. The people deserve leaders who will be direct with where they stand on issues and what they plan to do. After that, the leaders must be accountable to their promises.   I will be direct, I will be honest and I will be accountable to the people for my promises.”

Former Arizona State Legislator Lori Klein is endorsing Mr. Meluskey for United States Senate in 2016

“I am honored to be one of the first Arizonans endorsing a run for U.S. Senate by Alex Meluskey. Alex is the State Director of Arizonans for Fair Tax, which I started back in 2000. Alex is a man of integrity, vision and embraces our founder’s views of 

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Marco Rubio on the Senate Floor - best speech, ever, in support of Israel

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Obama’s Unconstitutional Attempt to Shift the Blame for His Losing ISIS Strategy

andrew_mccarthy.jpegHis proposed resolution would upend the Constitution’s national-defense framework.

by Andrew C. McCarthy, NRO, February 14, 2015

On Wednesday, President Obama proposed for Congress’s consideration an authorization for the use of military force (AUMF) against the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL). The jihadists are already being fought — albeit not nearly vigorously enough — under existing AUMFs. So Obama’s proposal, which would gratuitously repeal one of the prior AUMFs, is unnecessary. It is, in addition, so pathetic a concoction of lawlessness and aimlessness that, in a healthier political climate, Congress would not give it the time of day.

The document defies the reality of war. Phrased as a license for the “limited” use of force, it suggests that lawmakers should delegitimize combat even as they authorize it. The president would have Congress 

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Brian Williams’s Truth Problem, and Ours

brian_williams.jpegThe NBC anchor’s lies are symptomatic of a culture in which truth has become relativized.

by Victor David Hanson, NRO, February 15, 2015

NBC Nightly News anchorman Brian Williams frequently fabricated a dramatic story that he was under enemy attack while reporting from Iraq. NBC is now investigating whether Williams also embellished events in New Orleans during his reporting on Hurricane Katrina.

Williams always plays the hero in his yarns, braving natural and hostile human enemies to deliver us the truth on the evening news.

Former CBS anchorman Dan Rather tried to pass off fake memos as authentic evidence about former President George W. Bush’s supposedly checkered National Guard record.

CNN news host Fareed Zakaria, who recently interviewed President Obama, was caught using the written work of others as if it were his own. He joins a distinguished array of accused plagiarists, from historian Doris Kearns Goodwin to columnist Maureen Dowd.

Usually, plagiarism is excused. 

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