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Tea Party Scottsdale Taxed Enough Already

Washington: The Indian Prophecy (1770)

Washington: The Indian Prophecy (1770)

In 1755, a young Colonel George Washington fought under British General Edward Braddock against the French at Fort Duquesne [pronounced, “doo-cane”].  The British suffered a devastating defeat.  Fifteen years later, as Washington was surveying lands west of Virginia, he was met by a party of Indians.  An Indian chief, upon learning of Washington’s trip, had traveled to speak to him.  As the Indian party entered the camp, the chief pointed to Washington.  A council fire was lit and the chief told the story of the “great” battle at Fort Duquesne:

“I am a chief, and the ruler over many tribes.  My influence extends to the waters of the great lakes, and to the far blue mountains.  I have traveled a long and weary path, that I might see the young warrior of the great battle.  It was on the day, when the white man's blood, mixed with the streams of our forest, that I first beheld this chief:  I called to my young men and said, ‘Mark yon tall and daring warrior?  He is not of the red-coat tribe- he hath an Indian’s wisdom, and his warriors fight as we do- himself is alone exposed.  Quick, let your aim be certain, and he dies.’  Our rifles were leveled, rifles which, but for him, knew not how to miss- ‘twas all in vain, a power mightier far than we, shielded him from harm.  He cannot die in battle.

I am old, and soon shall be gathered to the great council-fire of my fathers, in the land of shades, but ere I go, there is something, bids me speak, in the voice of prophecy.  Listen!  The Great Spirit protects that man, and guides his destinies- he will become the chief of nations, and a people yet unborn, will hail him as the founder of a mighty empire!”  George Washington Parke Custis, Recollections and Private Memoirs of Washington, 1860

James Still (July 2015), JamesStill@RetraceOurSteps.com

“… I now exist and appear in the land of the living by the miraculous care of Providence, that protected me beyond all human expectation; I had four bullets through my coat and two horses shot under me yet escaped unhurt.”  George Washington, Letter to John Augustine Washington, July 18, 1755


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Interesting & Substantive Report from Jennie Beth Martin at TPP


TPP_logo.jpegHaving just returned from meetings with a few Congressmen on Capitol Hill, I felt it was important to give you an update. I will touch on what I mean by "freedom thieves" later in this email, but first I want to focus on our allies on Capitol Hill.

Know this, that you have made a difference in the last 3 weeks. You helped amend the Patriot Act with Senator Lee's USA Freedom Act to stop the bulk metadata collection on US citizens, 34 House members voted no on the rule for TPA "fast track authority," you visited over 500 Congressional offices representing 10 Senators and 291 Congressmen last week calling for an end to the Congressional Exemption from Obamacare, and because of your actions last week 5 Congressmen have already added their names as co-sponsors of HR 1953 -- the No Exemption for Washington from Obamacare Act.  Today Senator Cruz flipped his vote on TPA in large part because you kept digging to find out what was in the bill and the deals Speaker Boehner and Senator McConnell were making to get votes. 

Every time we make a huge difference on Capitol Hill in part with our principled Congressmen, we see the accusations, attacks, and retribution happen. It is no different this time.  The "Leadership" cannot let such "rebellious" behavior stand and

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This Should Wake Up Working Middle Class Liberals, Progressives & Democrats

Note: Even if you have seen this before, see the information at the end about voting trends - is it accurate?  Pat

In 1887 Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University of Edinburgh , had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2,000 years prior: "A democracy is always Temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent Form of government.  A democracy will continue to exist up until The time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous Gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority Always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from The public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally Collapse over loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a Dictatorship."

"The average age of the world's greatest civilizations from the Beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 Years, these nations always progressed

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Scottsdale Proposed Bond Issues - What the High Information Voter Needs to Know

scottsdale_city_logo.jpegScottsdale General Obligation Bond Proposal - click here for TPS High Information Voters - Scroll down to page 13 for a ranking and description of all 34 projects submitted by City Staff to the City Council for consideration.  

The Council selected 21 of these projects and rejected 13.  The 21 selected projects will appear on the ballot in November 2015 grouped into seven categories as outlined in the attached "Proposed 2015 Bond Program". Voters will be asked to approve or reject the groups rather than individual projects.

Read here Bob Littlefield presents the history and present status of the bond proposal.

Watch & Listen Here to Doug's presentation at our May 21 General Meeting


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Scottsdale School District Misusing Taxpayer Money

school_board_3.jpgThe Performance Audit of the Scottsdale School District, May 2015, Report no 15-206 reveals an appalling misuse & waste of taxpayer money. 

1. Administration costs: too many administrators paid too much & "the District did not accurately report its costs in its Annual Financial Reports and has misreported its costs for many years" p.3  We paid $1.6 million more than similiar districts.

Scottsdale employs Assistant Principals at the elementary level and more Information Technology employees (who are also paid $7500/yr more) than

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America’s Progressive Autoimmune Crisis Continues Apace

miss_piggy.jpegby JONAH GOLDBERG June 13, 2015 4:00 AM @JONAHNRO EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is Jonah Goldberg’s weekly “news”letter,

Dear You Guys

(I apologize for this break in protocol. Normally I would begin with the traditional salutation of “Dear Reader.” But now that “you guys” is under assault, I felt this was, quite literally, the least I could do),

If I’ve made one point over the last 20 years, it’s that you can never put too much cheese on anything involving meat. Coming in a close second is that the reason I’m a conservative is that I believe conservatism and libertarianism are only partial philosophies of life. Obviously, this is even more the case for libertarianism than it is for conservatism, but both schools of thought set relatively clear boundaries for what politics should touch. Not so for what we call liberalism.

Jonah-Goldberg.jpgThe progressive vision sees all of mankind as clay to be molded, sheep to be herded, a third-grade diorama to be diorama’d. There are no safe harbors from politics because the personal is political.

The problem with saying “the personal is political” is twofold: You politicize what is personal (“Everyone must celebrate my lifestyle!”) and you personalize the political (“Your opposition to the minimum wage hurts my feelings!”).

This is how you un-think yourself out of 

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One America News

One_America_News.jpegWhile in Alaska, I had an opportunity to watch One America News.  An interesting new network with potential.  According to Wikipidia  the Network will have a Conservative bent.  I particularly liked the promos that are similiar to a Constitutional Minute and Moments in HIstory inserted into the news broadcasts. With Fox News, Fox Business, The Blaze & OAN it may be encouraging that a conservative patriotic perspective is being introduced into 'mainstream' media.  

Let me know your opinon.

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First They Came for Pamela Geller, and I Did Not Speak Out

Chris Cuomo, CNN, and all others who won't stand with Geller sneer at history's hardest lessons.

by Robert Spencer

June 7, 2015 - 10:00 am

pamela_geller.jpeg“This is a showdown for American freedom,” said Pamela Geller about the abortive jihad beheading plot against her, and she was right. The showdown is right upon them now, and mainstream media talking heads have no idea of the significance of what is happening.

“They targeted me for violating sharia blasphemy laws. They mean to kill everyone who doesn’t do their bidding and abide by them voluntarily,” Geller added.

“It’s just beginning,” she warned. “ISIS is here. Islamic terrorism is here.”

That is all true. The jihad plot

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The Border States Documentary - Every State is Now a Border State

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Tea Party Patriots - National Update on NSA Surveillance & Congressional Exemption from Obamacaid

1-teapartypatriots.jpgNSA Surveillance:

Our fight with the ACLU and the NAACP to end unlawful, unwarranted collection of personal data by our government continues this week, with a showdown vote in the Senate expected Sunday. Read our co-founder Jenny Beth Martin's latest op-ed in the LA Times with the ACLU's Alex Abdo about Senators' historic opportunity this weekend. This isn't about Democrats vs. Republicans or Liberals vs. Conservatives. This is about the US Government vs. the American People. We need your help to strike a victory for liberty. Will you join us? Read this update and find out how to call your Senators to tell them to stand with us for liberty!

No Congressional Exemption from Obamacare:

June 17th is a date you want to mark on your calendar now! At noon local time, we will hold rallies at local Congressional offices across the country. We NEED to force Congress to live by the same rules as the rest of us, but we can't do it without your help. Please sign our petition calling for Congress to pass the Vitter Bill; help us get this ad on the air in more markets by giving a donation of any amount and call your Representative and Senators to tell them to stop this Congressional Exemption from Obamacare immediately. We MUST make Congress feel the heat, so they might finally see the light and repeal Obamacare once and for all.

Legislative update:

Our weekly legislative update is back on Monday!  Register today to join us for our legislative updates each Monday at 1pm Eastern Time when Congress is in session. We'll give you all the information you need to know about what is happening in Congress and what actions you should take for the coming week. 

Get Involved:

Be sure to visit the site's Get Involved page and the Groups page to find out more ways to contribute and stay up to date and connected. 

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