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Krauthammer’s Take: Trump’s Russia Comment ‘Set a Trap That the Clinton Campaign Fell Into’

charles_krauthammer.jpegby NR STAFF July 27, 2016

Charles Krauthammer said tonight that the Clinton campaign contradicted itself by calling Donald Trump’s request for Russia to locate Hillary’s missing e-mails a threat to national security: 

"Well, that was his parting shot, and it was a clever thing to plant, because it is an issue. But I do think there was something about his reference to Russia that, whether planned or not, was extremely clever. I’m not the first to point out that it set a trap that the Clinton campaign fell right into. In that statement that you showed from the Clinton campaign, it said you’re [Trump] is inviting a foreign power to invade our national security.

Now, these are the e-mails she deleted because they were supposedly private; these were 

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The Closing of the American Mind

Chas_Koch_lightbulbs.jpgBy CHARLES KOCH, July 21, 2016

I was born in the midst of the Great Depression, when no one could imagine the revolutionary technological advances that we now take for granted. Innovations in countless fields have transformed society and radically improved individual well-being, especially for the least fortunate. Every American’s life is now immeasurably better than it was 80 years ago.

What made these dramatic improvements possible was America’s uniquely free and open society, which has brought the country to the cusp of another explosion of life-changing innovation. But there are dangerous signs that the U.S. is turning its back on the principles that foster such advances, particularly in education, business and government. Which path will the country take?

When I attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the 1950s, I quickly came to appreciate that scientific and technological progress requires the free and open exchange of ideas. The same holds true for moral and social progress. I have spent more than a half-century trying to apply this lesson in business and my personal life.

It was once widely accepted that progress depends on people challenging and testing each other’s hypotheses. This leads to the creation of knowledge that, when shared, inspires others and spurs the innovation that moves society forward and improves lives. It is a spontaneous process that is deeply collaborative and 

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Mayoral Candidate Forum - Mayor Jim Lane & Bob Littlefield

jim_lane.jpegAnother great Candidate Forum with  the current Mayor, Jim Lane, and former City Councilman, Bob Littlefield, and answering your questions and concerns:  Light Rail?  Positions on the Desert Discovery Center and where should we build it?   High density and high rise development in north Scottsdale - do we need more or less? and more......

We will post a video of their presentations and the numerous questions & answers when I receive it.


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Interesting viewpoint: Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is a Libertarian-Republican, a TV celebrity, producer, author, CEO, politician, and a born again Christian.
Posted: Jun 24, 2016

I am a Jew turned evangelical Christian. I am also a passionate supporter of Donald Trump. (emphasis added)

I have a message for Christians who don’t like Donald Trump: “YOU’RE MISSING THE BOAT.”

Christians have Trump all wrong. God sends messages in many forms. You’re just not listening. God is talking, but you’re eyes and ears are closed.

Here’s a famous joke about God and how he talks to us.

“A deeply faithful Christian man is stuck 

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Reflections on the Fourth of July, 2016

Fourth_of_July.jpegcourtesy of James Sill

Declaration of Independence (1776)

All thirteen Colonies approved a Resolution of Independence on July 2, 1776.  The completed Declaration of Independence was approved on July 4, 1776.   On display, at the National Archives Bldg. in Washington, DC, is the copy ordered on July 19, 1776.  It was engrossed [w/ large characters] on parchment and presented to Congress on Aug 2, 1776.

IN  CONGRESS, JULY 4, 1776,The unanimousDeclaration  of  the  thirteen  united  States of America,

When  in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for 

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They Don't Want Your AR-15: They Want Everything

alan_Korwin_book.jpegby Alan Korwin, Town Hall Daily, June 17, 2016

The “news” media is ranting the democrats familiar song, after a muslim jihadi committed atrocities in a gay nightclub: “We must ban the AR-15, a weapon of war, it has no place in the public’s hands. Why does anyone need an AR-15 to murder Bambi?”

It doesn’t matter to the “fair and balanced“ media that the mass murderer (not “gunman,” a deliberate derogatory sexist slur against men—and guns) didn’t use or even have an AR-15.

It doesn’t matter that banning the AR-15 would have zero effect on what was done, or what the next jihad assault will do. All that matters is that murders create political capital and useful propaganda that influence useful idiots to press Congress to act against the Constitution. And they do. For shame.

What democrats and anti-rights bigots want is 

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June 16 General Meeting Featured The Second Amendment


Our Featured Speaker was Dave Kopp of the AzCDL

If you want to protect your Right to Keep and Bear Arms in Arizona,

AzCDL is where grassroots activists take a stand, working at the Arizona legislature, to get strong pro-rights bills written and passed into law, while stopping bad bills.

For further information on AzCDL, emails work best!
Please send us an email or
leave a voice mail message at (623) 242-9086.
Please address all correspondence to:

For further information on gun Alan_Korwin_after_shoot.jpegownership - the rules, regulations and what to do if you do have to shoot in self defense see books by Alan Korwin, a local author and 2nd Amendment Advocate.




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In Pursuit of Liberty (1765)

thomas_paine.jpegWithout a reminder, the human mind simply forgets.  Thomas Paine wrote, “It is at all times necessary… that we frequently refresh our patriotism by reference to first principles.”[1]   Writing about America’s first settlers, John Adams reminded his readers of the Puritan’s courageous pursuit of liberty.

“It was this great struggle [between the people and tyranny] that peopled America. It was not religion alone, as is commonly supposed; but it was a love of universal liberty, and a hatred, a dread, a horror, of [tyranny]…  [The Puritans] had been so vexed and tortured by the powers of those days, for no other crime than their knowledge and their freedom of inquiry… that they at last resolved to fly to the wilderness for refuge…

It may be thought polite and fashionable by many modern fine gentlemen, perhaps, to 

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Memorial Day - America Never Needs to Apologize!

These cemeteries are best cared for in the world! A fitting memory for Memorial Day!


Our European arrogance in alphabetical order:

1. The American Cemetery at Aisne-Marne , France ... A total of 2289


2. The American Cemetery at Ardennes , Belgium ... A total of 5329


3. The American Cemetery at Brittany, France ... A total of 4410 

4. Brookwood , England - American Cemetery ... A total of 468

5. Cambridge , England ... A total of 3812 

6. Epinal , France - American Cemetery ... A total of 5525 

7. Flanders Field ,

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Federal Judge Sanctions ‘Unethical’ DOJ in Immigration Lawsuit: Judge Andrew Hanen’s stinging rebuke of Justice Department misconduct

Judge_Hanen.jpgBy Hans A. von Spakovsky — May 20, 2016 National Review  (penalties ordered are in bold, below)

In one of the most devastating critiques I have ever read of the misbehavior of lawyers at the U.S. Justice Department, a federal judge has issued an order imposing sanctions in U.S. v. Texas, the immigration lawsuit filed by 26 states that is currently before the U.S. Supreme Court. Judge Andrew Hanen of the Southern District of Texas, which is the federal trial court where the lawsuit was originally filed, released a 28-page opinion on May 19 that takes the Justice Department and its lawyers to task for violating multiple ethics and court rules by intentionally misleading and lying to the court.

Hanen starts off his order by citing the dialogue from the 2015 movie Bridge of Spies. He quotes attorney James Donovan telling an FBI agent that what distinguishes us is “the rulebook”: “We call it the Constitution and we agree to the rules and that’s what makes us American,” says Donovan. Hanen writes that this entire case is about “allegiance to the rulebook,” whether it is “the Constitution or statutory law.” Both Judge Hanen and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decided the government has to play by the rules, and the final decision on that issue is now with the Supreme Court, according to Hanen.

But what remains with Judge Hanen is whether “the Government’s lawyers must play by the rules.” He held that they clearly did not, saying that it is 

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