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America: A Refuge for Civil and Religious Liberty (1776)

On July 8, 1776, a huge crowd gathered outside the Philadelphia State House, now called Independence Hall, to hear the first public reading of the Declaration of IndependenceJohn Adams witnessed the event: The Declaration was… proclaimed from that awful [full of awe] Stage, in the State house Yard…   Three cheers rended the Welkin [Heavens].”  A few weeks later, just one day before the signing of the parchment copy of the Declaration of Independence, Samuel Adams spoke about the “infinite importance” of American Independence.

“Our forefathers… opened the Bible to all, and maintained the capacity of every man to judge for himself in religion…  We have explored the temple of royalty, and found 

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Fourth of July: The First Anniversary (1777)

On the first anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, Congress adjourned for the day and dined with military officers and various dignitaries.  British deserters and the Hessian band, taken at the Battle of Trenton, also joined the festivities.  A naval parade with cannon fire began the day’s celebration.  During the evening, candles were placed in windows, bells were rung and fireworks were set off.  John Adams wrote to his daughter, “I was amazed at the universal joy and alacrity [cheerfulness] that was discovered, and at the brilliancy and splendor of every part of this joyful exhibition.”

The Pennsylvania Evening Post reported the event: “Yesterday the 4th of July, being 

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This is Only One Example of the Vitriol!

This is only one example of the personal vitriol deluging the offices of Conservatives Legislators.   We saw boxes of emials, letters & post it notes (they stick on the Office windows....)  Imagine if they succeed in driving out the Conservatives - do we really want them selecting our leaders?

Fight back, America!  Through Social Media, Newspapers, Organizations - let our voices be heard!

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June 15 General Meeting!

The meeting location will be at:
Denny's Restaurant (back room)
7000 E Mayo Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85054

Come join us for TPS June's General meeting!
This month will include an update from Tea Party Scottsdale President, Dan Farley, on the going-ons of Washington D.C. as he'll be returning from a trip there and meeting with Tea Party Patriot's leadership just prior to this June's meeting. We'll also have an update on what's been happening in Scottsdale City Council from our own Doug Reed. Our Featured Speaker will be John O'Conner.

While those that participate in organizing these events are volunteers, and we'd like people to attend regardless of financial status, we do graciously accept any donations to the cause which helps to cover overhead and fund more outreach. The recommended contribution for the general meetings is $5 at the door. The meeting starts promptly at 6:30pm but people commonly arrive around 6:15pm to get settled before the meeting starts. Hope to see you there! :)

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Buckley Captained Conservatism Before It Was Hijacked

WFB.jpeg@GEORGEWILL NRO May 31, 2017

Conservatives need to be reminded of what William F. Buckley's conservatism signified.

In 1950, the year before William F. Buckley burst into the national conversation, the literary critic Lionel Trilling revealed why the nation was ripe for Buckley’s high-spirited romp through its political and cultural controversies. Liberalism, Trilling declared, was “not only the dominant but even the sole intellectual tradition” in mid-century America because conservatism was expressed merely in “irritable mental gestures.” Buckley would change that by infusing conservatism with brio, bringing elegance to its advocacy and altering the nation’s trajectory while having a grand time.

Today, conservatism is soiled by scowling primitives whose irritable gestures lack mental ingredients. America needs a reminder of conservatism before vulgarians hijacked it, and 

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The Meaning of the Rattlesnake (1775)

Gadsen_Flag.pngThe rattlesnake was a significant symbol used throughout the American Revolution.  The Dept of War, established in 1789, included a rattlesnake in its seal in recognition of the rattlesnake’s importance.  The Dept of the Army (1947), successor of the Dept of War, continued the tradition and included a rattlesnake in its seal.  The Gadsden Flag, “to be used by… the American Navy” beginning in 1776, and the First Navy Jack, which is currently flown by the U.S. Navy, both contain a rattlesnake and the motto “DONT TREAD ON ME”.  The following article, written by Benjamin Franklin one month after the formation of the [U.S.] Continental Marines, was his explanation of the rattlesnake.

“I observe on one of the drums belonging to the marines… there was painted 

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Anatomy of a Deep State

The EPA’s ‘Science Integrity Official’ is plotting to undermine Trump’s agenda.

WJS By Kimberley A. Strassel May 25, 2017 

On May 8 a woman few Americans have heard of, working in a federal post that even fewer know exists, summoned a select group of 45 people to a June meeting in Washington. They were almost exclusively representatives of liberal activist groups. The invitation explained they were invited to develop “future plans for scientific integrity” at the Environmental Protection Agency.

Meet the deep state. That’s what conservatives call it now, though it goes by other names. The administrative state. The entrenched governing elite. Lois Lerner. The federal bureaucracy. Whatever the description, what’s pertinent to today’s Washington is that this cadre of federal employees, accountable to no one, is actively working from within to thwart Donald Trump’s agenda.

There are few better examples than the EPA post of Scientific Integrity Official. (Yes, that is an actual job title.) The position is a legacy of Barack Obama, who 

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Notes from TPS President, Dan Farley, on Thursday's Meeting

18623377_982337055202738_7865894908369759276_o.jpgI want to share my thoughts on the Tea Party Scottsdale meeting from yesterday while it's still fresh in my mind. We moved to a new venue so I was uncertain how smoothly it'd go, how many people would find us/attend, and what the acoustics would be like in the room. Overall I was quite happy. Attendance was strong, we filled the room. Contributions were slightly higher than the average and the new venue has considerably lowered our operating costs which should provide us funds as the year progresses to do more of the conservative/Tea Party outreach I want to do in an economically sustainable way. As expected, this was a good meeting to learn from and we'll likely position our speakers more centrally in the room so it's easier for all in attendance to hear more clearly next time around.

We had 3 speakers which covered the following topics, our local schools, liberty outreach to nations all over the world, and how our local police department is meeting the needs of our citizens.

Cherie L. Harbaugh informed us on 

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Light up Social Media - NOW

The Left is making all of the noise!

Write, Call, Blog, Facebook - Show our Support for President Trump's Agenda.

Right now the Left is defining the argument and scarying GOP Congressional Members. - ALL BASED ON ALLEGATIONS & INNUENDO

Contact David Schweikert's Office - show your support!

Contact John McCain's Office - tell him to stop helping the Left!

Contact Jeff Flake's Office - support President Trump!

If George Soros and his minions cannot bring down President Trump - they are trying to drive away his Congressional Support.  Remember, if the Trump Agenda fails we will have: Socialized Medicine, stock market crash (no tax reform), more ISIS, et.al. terrorism, open borders, Agenda 21, no Keystone or Dakota pipelines, more unemployment......

the Left is doing this with NO EVIDENCE - and Congress wants to run away!

Weak kneed Congress needs to hear from us - Give them the backbone they lack on their own!

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Coming of Age in Communist Romania - The Making of a Conservative

I was born in 1937 and am an only child. The reason for that is mostly because my mother contracted TB a few years after, not to mention that WWII broke out. Nobody in their right mind wanted to bring more children into that world, especially if they were Jewish.

Of course, nobody fully believed that the Nazis would last and, although my family could have immigrated to Palestine, they gave up that idea. Mother's father was well-to-do and had houses built for his two children, my mother and Uncle Zoltan. He argued that there was no reason to give up their comfortable lives for something transient, and that the Romanian government was nothing like the Germans. Although the Antonescu government, whose policies eliminated Jews from all facets of Romanian society, tolerated some Jews, and my grandparents fell in that category. 

My family lived in the province of Transylvania, close to the Hungarian border, and there were no mass deportations from that area that I know of. Mass deportations to Transnistria only began with Germany's declining fortunes at the end of 1942.

Antonescu, the Prime Minister, decided to postpone the deportation of the Jewish population, but in the end, 280,000 to 420,000 perished, mostly from the North-Eastern part of the country.

In 1942, Jewish properties were expropriated, and my parents and I were 

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